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The TIME team consists of classically trained musicians and linguists with over 30 years of combined experience in concert and festival management, who sympathise with the musicians’ needs and know exactly what it takes to make a performance successful.

TIME concerts are produced with the intention of reaching out to the audience, broadening the scope and appeal of live music and forming lasting relationships though music. We aim to involve the wider public more directly with live music whilst offering the performer a truly rewarding and memorable experience. Our vast range of venues is constantly growing and includes the most prestigious and historic of European concert halls and Cathedrals down to truly imaginative, alternative locations and situations, such as flash mobs, concerts in rural squares and village halls, local festivals and traditional festivities, community and charitable events, schools, hospitals, churches, town halls, bandstands, castles and estates... the possibilities are endless and guaranteed not to follow the standard ‘concert tour’ itinerary of predictable and unimaginative locations.

We hand-pick all concert venues according to your specific preferences and requirements, taking into consideration factors such as:

All of our concert arrangements include (where applicable):

We can also organise joint concerts with local or visiting ensembles, or invite a young, emerging soloist to come and perform with you. Whatsmore TIME can organise specialist masterclasses and workshops with local experts, focussing on a subject of your choice. Please just let us know your specific requirements.

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